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Green Door Las Vegas *HONEST REVIEW* - Creepy Tourist Trap or Must-See?

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Sit back and relax as Kat & Leo reveal behind-the-scenes facts about Las Vegas’ most infamous sex club. Are you genuinely curious if Green Door’s raunchy 2.6-star Yelp rating and reputation for sleazy vibes & creepy single guys will give you the ick? The answer may SHOCK you.

By: Kat Swings

Step into the tantalizing world of The Green Door, Las Vegas’ infamous sex club where fantasies are brought to life. In this honest review, we peel back the curtain on The Green Door, revealing the raw, unfiltered truth about what really goes on behind closed doors. Join Kat & Leo as they serve the real skinny on the Green Door Las Vegas in this episode of the Vanilla Swingers podcast.

Green Door Review

Distance from the strip – 10 minutes ($10-15 Uber ride)

Hours – 
       Wed, Thurs, Sun – 8pm – 5am
      Fri & Sat night     – 8pm – 6am

Pricing – Pricing is confusing, depends on whether you’re a local or out of state tourist. For this review, we’ll give out of state prices. Few bucks cheaper if you’re local. Cash or credit card. Statement will show THE GREEN DOOR or MAKE U SWEAT (no lie!) Promise we’ll use a debit card next time we go, so we can see if it’s true or not!

  • Couples
    Sun – Thurs – $69 (seriously!)
    Fri & Sat – $83

  • Single Male
    Sun – Thurs – $91
    Fri & Sat – $119

  • Single Female
    Sun-Sat – $25
Initial impressions – Of course, you’ll be mortified when your Uber driver sees where you’re heading. Just stick with the line we used. “Yea, we heard about this club here in Vegas and never done anything like that… thought why not. Y’know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.“  This little white lie preserved Kat’s innocence and worked well for us! Big green-hued building in a strip mall, industrial type setting. Uber dropped us off, and we thought – Uh-oh, it’s about to go down!

“Yea, we heard about this club here in Vegas and never done anything like that… thought why not. Y’know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.“ 

Inside Tour: The place is HUGE! 2 stories of  fun to be had. Open play areas are everywhere. There are no private rooms and no rooms with closed doors. SO MANY PLAY AREAS. Lots of rooms are outfitted with glass walls or chains on doors, to allow voyeurs but not participants. One room had some light BDSM equipment, like a sex chair, etc. In the couples area, there are 5 small, door-less rooms with low walls, perfect for a bit of voyeuristic fun. Plus a 2-way type mirror for folks to watch.

On busy nights, there’s staff on hand to make sure only the couples enter. It’s like a dark, sexy circus, with couples putting on a show while others watch eagerly. If you’re scared of the single male attention, just stick to the couples’ area, and you’re guaranteed a wild ride. It’s quite dark inside, so if you’re feeling insecure, don’t worry about your insecurities. It’s like a dimly lit maze of debauchery, walking from room to room trying to catch a show or going from room to room to BE that show!

Bar – Multiple bars throughout the 2-floor facility. No alcohol served or allowed on premises. But oddly enough, lots of bartenders!? Now, don’t get too cozy at the bar – this isn’t your average social hotspot. People aren’t here for small talk and cocktails; they’re here to turn up the heat and get their freak on. It’s a non-stop quest for action, with folks constantly on the prowl for some action. We did get a simple ‘Looking for a single?’ throwaway line at the bar… a quick no thank you sent him packing. And if you’re feeling a bit shy, rumor has it there’s a gay bar next door where you can knock back a few liquid courage shots before diving into the deep end. But hey, we’ll leave that adventure up to you.
DJ – There was no music on our Sunday night visit… and the playrooms were eerily silent. The so-called wanking dead did watch in rapt attention, silent. Even when egged on to give commentary, they stayed respectfully mum.
Staff – The all-male staff was top-notch, but fear not, they were anything but intrusive or creepy. Whether you needed a fresh towel or just a friendly answer to a question, these guys had your back. 

Vibe Check – It’s a sex club, folks! It’s not your typical swingers club, it’s a full-on sex club vibe. Sure, you might catch a glimpse of some swapping action (we had a couple kindly ask to set up shop next to us for a little MFM spitroast session), but mostly it’s all about couples getting down and dirty, giving blowjobs, and putting on a show for anyone willing to watch. Don’t go expecting a wild, all-out orgy though – it’s more about intimate encounters and exhibitionism.

Guest List – Now, when it comes to the guest list, everyone’s invited – singles, couples, you name it. Single guys are everywhere, but unlike most reports, they are not the wanking dead. Most did not have their junk out in our presence. They’re on a tight leash, restricted to certain areas and surprisingly respectful. Consent is king here, and they’re happy to be voyeurs if that’s what you’re into. There’s nothing like single male energy – it’s electric.

Feeling a bit shy? No worries. There’s zero pressure to join in; you can just kick back and enjoy the view. It’s voyeurism at its finest, with the play areas shrouded in semi-darkness to keep things discreet and your insecurities at bay. We got a few offers to play with others, but most seemed to keep it to their own dark and dirty encounters.

Cleanliness – Surprisingly squeaky clean. Beds were covered in dark vinyl. Towels were everywhere so you could clean up after yourselves. 

Would we go back? – 110%! Had a great time in letting our inner exhibitionist freak side out. Remember though at the end of the day, it is a sex club, not a swingers club – so very different from Red Rooster or Whispers, which are kinder, gentler clubs to get started with!

If it’s on your bucket list, we’d say Go! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

***PRO TIP – The real action goes down from midnight to 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Want to ease into it? Swing by on a quieter night like Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday to dip your toes in the water. Happy swinging!

Find all of this and more on this episode of our top-rated swingers podcast for new couples to the lifestyle, the Vanilla Swingers podcast!

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Swinger definitions mentioned in this post:

Voyeurism: The art of peeking behind closed doors, where watching becomes the sexiest form of foreplay. A practice in which individuals derive sexual pleasure from observing others engaging in intimate activities.

Exhibitionism: Putting on a show that would make Vegas blush, because why keep all that steamy action to yourself? The act of deriving sexual gratification from exposing one’s own body or engaging in sexual activities in front of others, often for the purpose of arousal or thrill.

Spit roast: A saucy skewer of pleasure, where one lucky partner is sandwiched between two others for a deliciously naughty sausage feast. This sexual activity is where the female partner is penetrated from one end while performing oral sex on another partner at the opposite end, creating a sensation similar to a spit roast cooking method.

MFM: Two’s company, three’s a crowd – and in this case, that crowd’s getting down and dirty in the steamiest threesome around! An abbreviation for Male-Female-Male, referring to a sexual encounter involving two straight men and one woman, typically characterized by shared sexual activities and mutual pleasure where the woman is the center of attention.

It’s About to Go Down!: Kat and Leo’s signature catchphrase, signaling the start of their steamy escapades. When they say it, you know things are about to get hot and heavy!

BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, and Sadomasochism – where pleasure meets pain in the sexiest game of give and take. This acronym encompasses a broad range of consensual sexual practices and power dynamics that may involve submissives, doms, and dungeons.

Swingers Club: The playground of pleasure, where fantasies come to life and every night is a tantalizing adventure. A dedicated venue or establishment where individuals or couples within the swinging community gather to socialize, explore their sexuality, and engage in consensual sexual activities with other like-minded individuals.

Sex Club: A tantalizing adult playground where your wildest fantasies come to life, from steamy encounters to electrifying dance floors. Unlike swingers clubs, it’s less about swapping and more about exploring your deepest sexual desires with like-minded thrill-seekers. Think themed rooms, sultry vibes, and no strings attached fun!

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